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Anonymous: What type of high heels does Eleanor owns / would wear ?

She mostly wore wedges a few years ago, she wore a basic black pair from Office a lot and to the This is Us premier she wore the Topshop Rhodium heels. She’d probably wear other heels that are similar to the Rhodiums in style. - Angelee xx

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Anonymous: I'm looking for affordable black boots, that look like the ones Eleanor has, can you help me out please ? :/

Are you talking about the Saint Laurent Ranger Boots? - Angelee Xx

6 hours ago
Anonymous: Hi can you help me choose an outfit to wear to a "date" and hairstyle? It will be quite chilly.

Posted! Do you hair in loose waves and maybe tease the top a little bit for some volume - Angelee Xx

2 days ago
Anonymous: Has Eleanor worn bootcut yoga pants? What do you think she would wear with them (like the VS ones?)

Not that we’ve seen, she probably wouldn’t wear them out for a day either. - Angelee XX

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Anonymous: can you do a set for going to get a hair cut? thanks xx

Posted! :) - Angelee Xx

2 days ago
Anonymous: Inspired f21 masterpost?

In all honesty I’m looking at the forever 21 website now and I’m not seeing anything that screams “eleanor would wear this!” So just look for basic items from there like flannels, high waisted jeans, satchels, etc. - Angelee xx

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Anonymous: Angelee where are the places that you go with all the rocks on the beach on your ig I didn't want to ask there I thought I'd be weird

It’s just the Coastline of New Hamphire and Maine (Portsmouth, Ordione Pointe, and Ogunquit)! And don’t feel weird commenting on my ig posts I don’t mind! - Angelee Xx

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elounor-infection: Do Top Shop, Zara, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel have clothing fit for teens? for example maybe a girl 13-15?

I’m 15 and I shop there sooooo yeah I guess - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: It's supposed to be 84° we're going to a museum type animal expiation. What should I wear and include shoes and bag please! Love you guys <3

I will make a set! Xxx Sophia

5 days ago
Anonymous: sophia, this is not eleanor related, but are you going to the 1975 in utrecht? since i've noticed you're a big fan... much love xx

Yes! I’m really excited, can’t wait to see them! Xxx Sophia

Ahhhh yasssss! Have fun Sophia! I might go see them at a festival in Boston next weekend! - Angelee Xx
5 days ago
Anonymous: what can I wear on a flight to somewhere hot ? x
  • Strappy cami, cotton shorts and sandals 
  • Light wash dungs, white/grey v neck and tennis shoes
  • White tank top, light wash jeans and Birks

- x Sophia

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well i ain’t laughing i thOUGHT THEY LIKED MY SET MAN IM SO - x Sophia

6 days ago
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