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Anonymous: i'm the twitter anon and yes it was you angelee haha love youuu!! xxxx

Wow damn that’s so crazy! Me? Fangirl bc I followed!? wow Ilysm I feel famous omfg - Angelee Xx

8 hours ago
Anonymous: Danielle peazer or Sophia?

Do you mean which I like better? I like them both really. I think both were right for Liam too, he was young when he started dating Danielle and things changed I bet. - Angelee X

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Anonymous: is it weird that i'm fangirling bc you're following me on twitter ?? i love your blog aah !!! xxxxx

Me? Or Sophia? and if it’s me your fangirling bc I followed you? I feel so important holy cow - Angelee xx

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Anonymous: you know sophia is angry when she doesn't add an "x" 👏 kill them sophia 👏

I LOVE YOU - x Sophia

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Anonymous: Why did you write daddy?

Bc people say Ash has a daddy kink and he’s just hot af ok (I wasn’t really serious tho omg) - Angelee xx

1 day ago

This was the sample peice before I did the ombré and I removed the blue dye in that spot bc it stayed and looked weird - Angelee xx

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Anonymous: Angelee, plz pap of your hair. :)

IT ISNT BLUE ANYMORE! I guess I did it wrong or something I just woke up and there was no blue it was very strange tbh but I’ll post a pic of the sample piece I did - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: I bet you are lying about your mother just to get more followers. Low.

Do you know how fucking STUPID you sound right now? Why the fuck would I lie about my mother’s death, just to get more followers? I’m not in the mood to deal with this shit right now, so please fuck off. Thank you. - Sophia

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Anonymous: sophia do you have twitter?

Yeah, my twitter is @75slilo - x Sophia

1 day ago
Anonymous: Sophia do you like the song Autumn leaves by Ed Sheeran? Every time I hear it I think of you and your mum :( ❤️

That was actually one of the songs we wanted to play at her funeral - it’s such a beautiful song. :) - x Sophia

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Anonymous: What is your favorite country?

I really like the usa even though I’ve never been there haha - x Sophia

1 day ago
Anonymous: what do you think of Ashton Irwin ?

Daddy. - Angelee Xx

IM CHOKING - x Sophia

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Anonymous: Sophia you're so strong, I don't know anything about the entire situation but I send you all my love and wish you all the best during this difficult time... XXX

Thank you so much babe! Xxx Sophia

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Angelee, thank you so much for posting the style guides and keeping this blog updated! You’re an amazing owner, thank you so much! 💘 - x Sophia

Awh thank you thank you thank you - Angelee xx
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Shout out to the girl in Boston who just asked if I was Angelee from Eleanorsstyle , I feel famous wow - Angelee Xx

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