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bethewindnothecloud: Literally just looked for her latest outfits and all I can say is Bravo! 🙅 ♥️😁

YASSSS!!! Go Cher! 👍👏👏-AngeleeXx

43 minutes ago

Totally irrelevant but can we talk about how great Cher Lloyd looks!!?! OMG a picture of her just popped up on my dash and her style is just so great now wow - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: can you make an inspired outfit with this skirt? nastygal. com/product/scuba-skater-skirt-blush (no crop tops please) xx

I can’t find the item on polyvore to make a set but I think you should wear it with a white collared blouse and black brogues! - Angelee Xx

6 hours ago
Anonymous: I have a $100 gift card to topshop, what should I buy?! :D

Everything, buy everything. Well actually if It gets cold where you live you should buy some really nice sweaters or a nice coat, and maybe the black or indigo Leigh jeans with the holes in the knees - Angelee xx

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Anonymous: I had a really bad day but your blog cheers me up :')

This is so cute ily. Also here funny story so you feel better. On the first day of school my teacher went around the room asking us random questions off a sheet of paper as a way to “get to know each other”. So I guess all the questions were theatre/performing arts based because my English class is basically reading Shakespearian literature. I was talking to my friend and not paying attention. Then it’s my turn and the teacher asks me what’s your favorite musical group so I answer a tie between 1D, 5SOS, and The 1975. And everyone looks at me like I have 5 heads. Then I realized SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT GROUPS LIKE STRINGS, BRASS, AND WOODWIND. So I basically died of embarrassment and now my teacher thinks I’m an idiot fangirl, which is actually about right tho. - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: Hiii girls could you do a swimwear inspired master post? Xx

I just posted a set (aka look how obsessed with monochrome and cobalt I am) - Angelee Xx

23 hours ago
Anonymous: Do you think that Eleanor is maybe watching your blog and think "yeah you are right I would actually wear that" or "that looks nice I will wear that" I think that would be really cool actually:) by the way I love your blog! It is amazing:)

I doubt it butttttttt…… Then again I do tag my sets with eleanor calder so if she were to search her name on tumblr our posts could come up, and if I were famous I would totally do that ;) - Angelee Xx

23 hours ago
Anonymous: who is taylor canif?? is he famous?

He’s a viner :) so yeah he’s kinda famous - Angelee Xx

1 day ago
Anonymous: who started this blog?

Me! :) - x Sophia

1 day ago
Anonymous: when did your school start?

It hasn’t started yet! It starts on Wednesday. - x Sophia

^^^ lucky lucky, I started school last Wednesday! - Angelee Xx
1 day ago
Anonymous: Do you like taylor caniff?

No comment because my opinion will cause unnecessary drama tbh. - x Sophia

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Anonymous: can you make an outfit with a grey shirt and boyfriend jeans pls thanks

I posted a (very crappy) outfit, it’s sucks I’m so sorry but I’m so tired right now, if you want something else please send us a message! Xxx Sophia

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Anonymous: How would you style jeans the American Eagle Kick Boot Jean in light clean indigo for fall/winter?

I think she would wear them with a cream coloured thick jumper, a parka and ankle boots or a simple tee with a fluffy scarf, a beanie and boots. Xxx Sophia

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