Anonymous asked: If you have time could you make an outfit for a first communion? The dress has to be long and both the dress and heels have to be white. Or at least near the color white. Thank you!

I made one congratulations! Good luck with the rest of CCD! Sorry the shoes are nude I couldn’t find cream - Angelee Xx

First communion by eleanorjcalder-style featuring leather sandals

Anonymous asked: Wait you auditioned for a movie which one!?

The movie is Black Mass starting Johnny Depp, it’s about Whitey Bulger and the Irish Mob in Boston (I love mob movies) I basically auditioned for a background role of a townie from Southie :) - Angelee xx

Anonymous asked: Does this sound good: Pastel dress, sandals, brown bag and a pair of sunglasses?

That sounds lovely! Xxx Sophia

Anonymous asked: Are your parents rich?

My parents are quite wealthy yeah! Xxx Sophia

I have nice things and I’m thankful for that but I’m still a middle class American - Angelee xx
Anonymous asked: whats your password? i can make sure you gain followers and edit the blog

Sure, the password is imnotstupidyoudumbass! (: - x Sophia


Wow… I can’t believe this…

Seriously, I hope everyone’s safe. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston right now. Please stay safe and don’t go outside! Xxx Sophia

I just reblogged this because I remember this day 365 days ago perfectly. I was on tumblr actually looking at this blog hahah and my mom was sitting down doing taxes when suddenly I saw Sophia’s post, I was so confused because I hadn’t heard anything that had happened. I looked it up and I was so worried, Boston, where most of my family is was the victim of a bombing. But I was touched that people as far away as Holland actually cared. I remember I was  was especially nervous because my brother in law worked at Logan Airport. Nobody I knew was injured.I was lucky right now I’d just like to take the time to express my condolences for people who were injured and killed and the people on tumblr who knew these people. My thoughts and prayers are with you. But also remember, we are Boston strong and now we are one year stronger. and like Big Papi (David Ortiz) said “This is our f*cking city” - Angelee xx

Anonymous asked: Could you do a few inspired outfits with products from Forever21? x

Posted :) - Angelee xx

Untitled #280 by eleanorjcalder-style featuring a racerback tank

This is weather is abnormal but a perfect excuse to break out skirts and sandals :) - Angelee xx

fashioneveryyday asked: Hii do you know any Eleanor fashion account who need a co owner? Do y'all need one? Sorry for bugging, this account is greet! xx

No, I’m sorry! Thanks anyway (: Xxx Sophia

Untitled #1195 by sophiasstyle featuring leather shoes

Topshop leather shoes / Mulberry leather purse / ASOS ring
Anonymous asked: Hi! How are you? Can you make a set for going to a birthday party? Thanks! :)

Posting now - have fun. Xxx Sophia

heyjointheclub asked: I'm going out with a guy this weekend, it might rain but cold. maybe something with black jeans. what do you think? xoxo

Wear it with a cami, cream cardigan, boots and a leather jacket. Xxx Sophia

Does anybody know where I can buy the Ray-Ban Oversized Clubmasters (black)? I can’t find them anywhere! - x Sophia