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Anonymous: Hiii I was wondering if you had any ideas as to what I should ask for some Christmas gifts? I don't really have anything I've been saving for or anything ! Thanks love xx
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Here’s my current  birthday wishlist, maybe you can use this for some ideas! Yes, I actually ask for winter coats and boots for my birthday because I live in the north pole and its freezing here October-May. -Angelee Xx

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Is anyone out there decently good at writing and debate? I really need help writing a conclusion speech for my debate. Please you’d be my bff - Angelee Xx

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Thank you so much haha aw! Xxx Sophia

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youremycuree: hi loves :) im going to disneyland next week and I need a cute eleanor inspired outfit! it's gonna be kinda warm during the day but cold at night so something that could work with both weathers :) thank you!!!!

Posted! Have fun - x Sophia

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These boots from Mango are very similar to El’s Adonis cut out boots from Topshop that she wore a while back! - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: What would you pair with brown ankle boots

Light was jeans and a flannel
Black jeans and a cream top
Indigo jeans a cream or white sweater and a parka
- Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: i don't know if you got this question before but do you know if eleanor uses an app to edit her insta pics ?? and if she does, do you know which one ??xx

I’m pretty sure she uses filters but I don’t know what apps she uses! You should try Afterlight (she could be using this one, some filters are pretty similar to the ones she uses) and VSCO Cam, they’re really good. Xxx Sophia

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Anonymous: Winter must haves from Topshop under $50 each?

Beanies, scarves, jeans, knitted sweaters. Xxx Sophia

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Anonymous: What are some great flat/no heeled boots? Under $50 please!

Look in H&Ms boot section there’s a ton under 50! I love their boots so much! ❤️ -Angelee xx

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Anonymous: In your opinion, what are the must haves of forever 21 this fall?

They have some REALLY cute coats, so those. Plaid skirts, their cable knit sweaters, brogues, and shift dressed - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: I'm going to Ulta tomorrow. What should I get? I'm just starting out. Like I don't have any brushes. Should I get real techniques brushes if so Which set?

Get the core collection of brushes, urban decay naked basics palette, benefit they’re real mascara and hmm maybe a Stila lip glaze - Angelee xx

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dress-like-a-little-princess: how I could dress up for halloween? xx

Get a black dress with a stiff collar do your hair in two braids and be Wednesday from the Adams family. Or….. Wear a black skirt and black sweater and a witch hat oooorrr hart skeleton leggings and a skeleton sweatshirt - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: Would you buy a pair of new balance?

Hmm I think so probably black and silver ones :) - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: What would you pair with a loose fitted black and white striped tee?

I’d half-tuck it into some ripped light wash jeans or shorts and black converse or black leather ankle boots. - Angelee Xx

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