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harmonyandlovet: Hello!!! Autumn/Winter must haves (for a university student especially..)?? Thank You :)
  • Leather Jacket - I love the acne studios ones but they’re way out of my price range
  • Denim jacket - Topshop and Gap have the best imo
  • Boyfriend coat - Widely available from Zara
  • Sweater dress -  ASOS, Banana Republic
  • Cable knit sweaters - really anywhere but I love H&Ms
  • Denim shirts - Denim on denim is in as worn by Miranda Kerr
  • Big bag to carry books and notes from building to building - Longchamp bags are basically made for this
  • Small bag for going out - Rebecca Minkoff  M.A.B. or the Celine mini luggage tote
  • Knee high boots - Isabel Marant has some v cute/chic ones

Good luck at uni! - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: Can you make a set of overalls that El might wear with them? :) thanks babe

Check out these! X,X,X- Angelee xx

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Anonymous: Personal questions: are you popular at school? and describe your sytle

I guess so, and my style has changed so much recently. Lately I’ve been wearing more nautical inspired pieces (probably because I spend too much around yacht clubs oops) and I’ve been wearing less monochrome outfits which is rare for me. So I guess my style now is kinda nautical-preppy/girly/minimalist idk man it’s a weird combo. - Angelee

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Anonymous: Hi! I know this isn't your area but could you post like the products Eleanor used for her make up at the wedding? tnks x

Like products to get that look??????? - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: Do you support the feminist movement?

Yes-ish. Men and women should be equal. But what I don’t understand is why lately rape is associated with feminism. Rape doesn’t only happen to women! I know of 3 teenaged boys in my itty bitty town who have been raped/sexually assaulted, and those are the ones who weren’t too embarrassed to report it. So I’m not sure why rape is associated with misogyny. I guess I don’t really understand it. - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: Hi I'm going to vans warped tour this year and I was wondering if you could help me with an outfit idea. I'm a bit Insecure on how I look but I really want a cute Eleanor inspires outfit. Help me? Thanks Xxxx -a

Would you wear a dress or skirt or would you rather wear long pants or a skirt? - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: Hi!! I love your blog! I'm going to a 5SOS concert in L.A. and I was wondering if you could do an outfit for me. Thanks<3

Posted! - Xx Angelee

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Anonymous: Do you know if El has black Hightop converse and the Arabel2 cut out shoes from TOPSHOP? If she does can you please make me a set styling both? Much love! Xx :)

Yeah she has the black hightop Converse and if you check the converse tag can see a ton of sets that have been made with those shoes. - angelee

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Eleanor at Louis’ mum’s wedding

Her dress: Coast, you can buy it here (credit)

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kittypcws: I adore your outfit/fashion tips you give! keep it up(: xx

Aw thank you so much! Xxx Sophia

1 week ago

Ahh I know, she looks lovely! Xxx Sophia

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Eleanor at Jay’s wedding - she looks stunning!

Her (exact?) heels: Betsey Johnson, you can buy them here

Her (exact?) watch: Burberry, you can buy it here

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Eleanor looks so cute at Jay’s wedding but Sophia killed it oh my god - x Sophia

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