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Eleanor at Louis’ mum’s wedding

Her dress: Coast, you can buy it here (credit)

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kittypcws: I adore your outfit/fashion tips you give! keep it up(: xx

Aw thank you so much! Xxx Sophia

1 day ago

Ahh I know, she looks lovely! Xxx Sophia

2 days ago

Eleanor at Jay’s wedding - she looks stunning!

Her (exact?) heels: Betsey Johnson, you can buy them here

Her (exact?) watch: Burberry, you can buy it here

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Eleanor looks so cute at Jay’s wedding but Sophia killed it oh my god - x Sophia

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Anonymous: Can you make a birthday outfit? Something with a sweater and boots please xx

Sure, posting now! Xxx Sophia

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infinityyyyyandbeyonddddd: Hey! Did you have a link to the black dress Eleanor work when she was out shopping with her friend? I can't remember where it was but she bad her hair half up and I think the dress is from TopShop but I ca't find it so it would be amazing if you had a link. Love your blog xx

It’s sold out - here’s the link. Xxx Sophia

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It’s Eleanor’s birthday today! Happy birthday Eleanor! - x Sophia

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Anonymous: What do you think of the dress Eleanor wore on her graduation?

Not really my style, but it looked great on her! Xxx Sophia

1 week ago

Eleanor graduated yesterday - congrats Eleanor!

Her dress: The Kooples, you can buy it here

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Anonymous: Does Eleanor wear eyeliner

Not daily I don’t think, but she has on less casual occasions - Angelee xx

1 week ago
Anonymous: For the anon starting high school just talk to people. I was shy as well I honestly wish I could go back and tell myself to just be loud and not care what others thought. After high school literally none of that matters. I regret not being outgoing.

^^^ :)

1 week ago
Anonymous: Do any of you play the Kim K game?

Yas! My Game Center name is angelee98 add me I don’t bite! -Angelee xx

I’m obsessed with that game! Add me, my name is sophiaroxanne (: - x Sophia

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Anonymous: Hi I'm almost starting high school and I'm going to be a freshman and I'm really really shy, so do you have any advice on how to make new friends and how to not be as shy:) thank you

Honestly just talk to people sit at a random lunch table that you think is cool and just say hi to everyone, I’m probably bad with this advice because I’ve never really been shy to talk to others but just be confident, I know it’s not easy but so many things could come out of it! :) - Angelee xx

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