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Anonymous: How's the weather rn in Boston? :)

Stupid and volatile as usual for September 40 degrees in the morning, 80 degrees in the afternoon, 60 degrees the next day. - Angelee Xx

17 hours ago
Anonymous: Can you make an inspired for a maxi cheetah skirt

I can’t find a skirt like that on polyvore but wear it with a black Crop top or a black cropped sweater and some flat sandals, maybe chunky heeled sandals depending how it looks on you - Angelee Xx

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Thank you!

On behalf of Sophia too thank you sosososososo much for 5k on this blog! Wow we have more followers here than people at my school! Much love! Definitely going to try to do a giveaway this upcoming holiday season :) - Angelee Xx

20 hours ago
Anonymous: Hi love!! Could you maybe make an inspired outfit with all black mono high top converse? :)

Sure bæ :) - Angelee Xx

20 hours ago
Anonymous: Frick you live near Lohanthony? Have you met him?

No unfortunately! Most of my friends have seen him at the mall or at the amusement park. He’s kind of rude sometimes from what I’ve heard and fun fact he lives in the same town as Nialls cousins so if you’re planning on moving to Massachusetts, Methuen is the town to live in 😂 - Angelee Xx

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Anonymous: A letter came to me in the mail today addressed to Niall Horan! Lol.

That’s freaking weird tbh do you live near Mullingar? Or do you have the last name Horan? - Angelee xx

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Anonymous: don't they live like near boston? how'd you find out they live so close to you?

Yeah! I live in New Hamphire but I’m very close to Boston. I went to the mall one time (the mall lohanthony goes to lol) and there was a woman there raising money for festival of trees with the last name Horan and I was like huh probably a coincidence then the next year Niall spoke of his family in that town in an interview - Angelee Xx

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So Niall’s entire American family lives like 10 minutes down the street from me, like Niall please visit - Angelee Xx

What do you mean by this??

Niall has family that lives in Massachusetts he confirmed it in an interview with Kiss 108 and they live in the next town over from me and I have a lot of mutual friends with his cousins like damn

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So Niall’s entire American family lives like 10 minutes down the street from me, like Niall please visit - Angelee Xx

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Eleanor posted this extremely cute picture of her and Louis. She was wearing these Saint Laurent slip ons

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Anonymous: do u think eleanor would go for black hunter boots? xx

Yeah i think so, she might not wear them often, but she’d definitely wear them on certain occasions - Angelee xx

2 days ago
Anonymous: Hi, it's not style related but do you know what kind of filter/picture editing app Eleanor uses on instagram ? I really like how her last pic with Danielle and Alana looks, and also the ones with Sophia xx

It’s hard to tell but it looks like afterlight -Angelee xx

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hahaha me too she’s so cute - AngeleeXx

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